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Invited speakers

Julian Chojnowski Polysiloxane and silicooxycarbide microspheres - potential materials for positron annihilation studies
Ewa Dryzek Positron annihilation in liquid crystals
Jerzy Kansy Determination of free volume sizes from PALS spectra with LT10 software
Grzegorz Karwasz Comparative discussion on positron technics
Paweł Moskal Perspectives for studies of positronium decays with the Jagiellonian PET
Marcin Rasiński Near surface defects produced by interaction with ions/plasma radiation in fusion tokamak to be analyzed with positron annihilation techniques
Grażyna Sznajd Utilization of symmetry in solid state physics
Radosław Zaleski Positron Porosimetry: Advantages and Issues